Feeno Make Your Crypto App ETH-Free

Integrate Feeno into your app to enable ETH-free transactions and swaps, provide 100% front-run protection and offer a cashback to your users

Let’s Build New Crypto Exchange Experience Together

Activate ETH-free Transactions

With Feeno, any transaction or swap doesn’t require ETH - commissions are paid in erc-20 tokens and are sent directly to miners

Activate ETH-free Transactions

Bring Light to the Dark Forest

Never be front-runned again - Feeno uses its own relayer to send transactions directly into blockchain, so bots sitting in mempool can’t attack it.

Bring Light to the Dark Forrest

Get a Cashback

Every user who makes a swap on DEX that creates pricing disbalance will be rewarded with a “cashback”.

Get a Cashback

Never Pay for a Failed Transactions

Cancel submitted transactions for free. As fees are paid directly to miners,  failed transactions won’t be included into the block and user won’t be charge a penny

Never Pay for a Failed Transactions

Improve User Experience

Give Your App a Competitive Advantage

Be a Part of Blockchain Revolution

Join Us

Since its inception, Peanut team has been focused on the elimination of the existing downsides of Ethereum network for crypto users.

That’s why we’ve created Feeno - transaction relayer that allows sending ETH-free, front-run resistant and cashback eligible transactions by enabling direct communication between crypto users and miners.

We are currently looking for teams behind crypto apps who share our vision and would like to be at the frontier of the token exchange revolution by integrating Feeno technology into their products.

Integrate Feeno