Put Liquidity on Autopilot and Maximize LP Profits

Smart LP is an automated liquidity manager for Uniswap v3 that adjusts price ranges based on real-time market conditions to maximise LP profits and reduce risks

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Get Maximum Return on your Capital

Get Maximum Return on your Capital

Swap Fee Earnings Increase


Capital Efficiency Improvement


Transactions Commission Reduction


*based on initial Peanut research

One Tool to Manage LP Daily Routine

Put Liquidity on Autopilot

No need to manually update price ranges - with Peanut all liquidity adjustments are made automatically

Put Liquidity on Autopilot

Increase Profits

Always earn highest swap fees with automated liquidity price range strategies

Increase Profits

Manage Risks

Drastically reduce risks of liquidity inactivity and impermanent loss - Peanut moves price ranges based on current market conditions.

Manage Risks

How Smart LP Works

Smart LP is powered by a set of sophisticated rules to automate liquidity price ranges on Uniswap v3, eliminate manual adjustments, grow profits and save time.

Peanut runs it's own algorithms to analyse real-time market status in order to predict token price movements and ensure your liquidity is always within a high volume trading price range.

How Peanut LP Balancer Works
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